How to Play 301 Dart

The annual darts game would be organised next week, Dr.Hanns have a simple training and demonstration of how to play 301 dart game to our new colleague.Here I would like to share the rule of 301 dart game to all friends.
The goal with 301 is to go from 301 to zero you need a double to start and a double to finish the game. After you hit a double the trick is to score as much point as possible to double out quickly. The first player that doubles out wins the leg. You can play several legs, best of 5, 7, and 9 and so on. A leg is one round, Can’t figure out wihch player who shots first? Try this rule closest to bull’s eye begins works every time, or as simple as a coin toss head or tail.


Lastly, hope everyone get a good score in next week dart game.