Warm Winter for a Laba Rice Porridge Festival

Good afternoon, everyone, how are you these days, hope all of you are well in such winter day.
When I opened the weather report software to check the temperature by my phone this morning, I found my calendar reminded me that here comes the Laba Rice Porridge Festival today.

Can’t believe that, actually, you know, weather now here in Xiamen is really warm, and almost unlike the so-called “winter season”, the highest temperature even is around 18 degree, but in my hometown, the north area in Fujian province, it is now snowing sometimes. Here, sometimes, maybe only the strong wind could make us feel winter a little bit. It is really difficult for someone to image “18 degree” related to “the Laba Rice Porridge Festival”, huh? That seems much like spring. So let us say “warm winter”. Anyway, it is much comfortable to have such warm weather in winter, isn’t, it?