Impression of A Message to Garcia

Although it’s a short story, the reflecting thoughts and principles deserve every one of us to make a deep thinking and self-criticism.

Obeying orders unconditionally in the war atmosphere itself has already been a heroic undertaking regardless of any possible loss. The execution of Rowan, Wagner colonel’s trust for Rowan and team work with Gervasio and other assistants are all indispensable factors for mission accomplishment. It is the highly unified of personal, team and national interests.

Every moment when we talked about those commendable moralities, we were respectable and stricken. However, the best way to express our admiration is to put it in practice, both in work and daily life.


When we get something to do, maybe the first thing comes into mind would be “how can I make it in such a short time”, “what if I fail”, “why do I need to do such a hard work”, etc. We are threatening ourselves that we are going to fail before things really getting started. There are thousands of excuses for failure, but they mean nothing if somebody succeeds. “There will always be someone who is gonna win, why it can not be me?” Trying every method to achieve it instead of all kinds of excuses, this is execution.

Chasing for Perfection

It seems that we do the same things everyday. But always remember that everyday can not be replicated. We can make everyday different and meaningful if we want and tried. I think one of the purposes for submitting work diary everyday is to reflect what we have done today and what’s to be done. When recording things we do, we need to double check if they are being done perfectly, do they really value to yourself or company. Nobody is perfect, but we can do things itself perfect to make ourselves excellent and outstanding.

A Message to Our Future

I imagined more than once what will my future looks like, from my childhood to present, I am still looking forward. Let us be Rowan this time, we are delivering the message on the way to our future. Everything is unknown except the moment we can seizing. Forget about how good or bad the result will be, set out and never give up.