Some Common Abbreviations

在与foreign friends聊天或发短信的时候,他们会经常用到一些英文缩写,以下整理了一些较为常见的分享给大家:

ABT:  about

AISI:   As I see it

AMBW:  All my best wishes

ASAP:   As soon as possible

ATST:  At the same time

B4:   Before

B/C:    Because

B4N:     Bye for now

BBN:    Bye bye now

Biz:     Business

BTW:    By the way

BRB:    Be right back

CIAO:     Goodbye (in Italian)

CIO:     Check it out

CU:     See you

F2F:     Face to face

FYI:     For your information

GR8:         Great

GTSY:     Glad to see  ya

HAGO:      Have a good one

IC:        I see

J/K:          Just kidding

MYOB:     Mind your own business

N:     And/know/now

NAZ:    Name, address, zip

NP:   No problem

OIC:    Oh, I see

PIC:   Picture

Pro:   Professional

PS:    By the way/ photoshop

R&D:     Research and development

SEC:       Second

SYS:        See you soon

SRY:        Sorry

T2go:   Time to go

VM:      Voice mail

WB:        Welcome back

WRU:    Where are you

X U:    Kiss you

Y:  Why