How to Protect Yourself from Novel Coronavirus?

How to Protect Yourself from Novel Coronavirus?

I’d like to start by telling you about my life of self-segregation in 21 days. During this period, I went out to buy vegetables for a few times.

I am healthy. I work at home. And I stay at home by myself. And I cook dinner for myself.

I began telecommuting half months ago.

Working at home is a dream for most people. I’m one of them. But it “come true” in a different way – the novel coronavirus break in China. I feel so sad, to this crisis.

I was scared at the beginning. So, I was talking to my family and friends through WeChat or phone call after work almost every day. Now, I found other ways to relax myself. And I contact my family every few days.

Work takes my mind off relative news on the new coronavirus for the 8 hours or more.

I would like to thank my Chinatungsten Online colleagues who have helped me a lot to send me the materials I needed for work.

Wishing you all bai du bu qin – a poetic phrase with origins in Chinese literature, meaning “may you be immune from 100 toxins”.

Here are some basic protective measures against the novel coronavirus.

Clean your hands with soap and water regularly and thoroughly for 20 seconds to kill viruses that may be on my hands.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. The virus can enter your body and can make you sick from your eyes, nose or mouth if you touch viruses accidentally.

Should not go to densely populated areas.