TZM Alloy&TZC Alloy

Today,my colleague Sarah catches a calling from a costomer who want  TZC alloy products.  We suggest him to take its place by TZM alloy  for they have many similar properties and it is easier to be processed than TZC alloy. Now, let me have an brief introduction of  TZM alloy as follows: TZM alloy is  also called TZM molybdenum base alloy, molybdenum alloy TZM, molybdenum TZM, molybdenum high temperature TZM, titanium-zirconium- molybdenum. TZM  Alloy Chemical Formula: Mo + 0.40-0.55% Ti + 0.06-.012% Zr + 0.01-0.04% C [caption id="attachment_526" align="aligncenter" width="240"] T... ...Read More>>