Molybdenum Sputtering Target

What is molybdenum sputtering target? Molybdenum sputtering target  is a product with high standard, and metallic silver luster surface color. Requirement of molybdenum sputtering target purity is strict that it is always above 99.95%. Surface condition surface can be supplied in a shiny, bright or as-rolled condition, dependent upon thickness. Shapes: Shapes of molybdenum sputtering target can be round, rectangle and tube. The regular process of molybdenum sputtering target is sintering, forging, tooling and grounding. [caption id="attachment_439" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Molybdenu... ...Read More>>

Perception in Chinatungsten

Just a couple of days ago, the pond lily in Chinatungsten came out. Pitifully, I missed the best time,cuz they had fell into sleep. Then I realize that what a careless life I had been leading. Hanns was the only one noticed this, now I just can’t tell, is it because Hanns loves nature more or Sarah, Yu & Tang have been too busy with those tungsten carbide or molybdenum stuff. Whatever, U miss it, U miss it! Except the pond lily, there are many other plants in Chinatungsten. You see, today we have our hibiscus came out too. I’ve never seen how it looks like, now I just can’... ...Read More>>