So Hot In Chinatungsten

Today is Dec.16, 2013, it is a raining day and about 14℃. Do you feel cold and your teeth shaken up to down? The wind scratch greatly, the people on the road have put on their hat, gloves, masks, and in the thicker clothes to prevent the cold and make them feel warmer. But, it is so hot in Chinaungsten, do you know why? Aha~, just keep quite and follow with me into Chinatungsten to have the answers. ChianTungsten Online(Xiamen) Manu.&Sales Corp., as a company who are main in charge of manufacturing and supplying tungsten, tungsten alloy, tungsten carbide and molybdenum products with many... ...Read More>>

Tungsten Carbide Wheel Slot Cutter Tree in China Tungsten

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”——P. B. Shelley “If winter comes, will X-mas be far behind?”——Yuri Lee Bet you guys must have been freezing these days huh? Winter did come, and Christmas’ coming soon. Today, China tungsteners planted a Chrismas tree in our office and we are all ready to embracing the coming X-mas day! So what about you, you & U?? I can strongly feel the coldness of the winter during the past few days, but not any more for the moment I saw the delicate tree when I step into our office early this morning. It just stand up hau... ...Read More>>

Wish Her All Is Well

Day after day, the sun just keep turning around and around from west to east. Life cannot B too normal, except for Emily. Recently, China tungsten has just gone through a busy week, with the absence of Hanns and Emily, our General and Operation Managers. Hanns was out for a business trip, while Emily has been busy taking care of her sick mom. That was a challenge for our Joanne, for she had to handle both pure tungsten and tungsten heavy alloy business at the same tim. Geilievably, she did a very good job./Clapping~ We all know that as a foreign trade corporation, staff’s absence is quit... ...Read More>>

Molybdenum Used As Heating Element

Molybdenum has the high purity, good high temperature resistance, low vapor pressure characteristics, so it is often used to make high-temperature furnace heating elements and structural materials. Molybdenum and tungsten carbide in the production process, most of the way by producing molybdenum Continuous Twisted heat reduction furnace and sintering furnace, part of the continuous sintered iron molybdenum rod was also used for heating element heated row, row heated molybdenum to molybdenum rod hook hanging on both sides of the stove. Such furnaces generally reducing atmosphere or a non-oxidiz... ...Read More>>

Ferro Molybdenum, FeMo

Ferro molybdenum is an alloy compound of iron and molybdenum which 65 to 75% of the combination is molybdenum and used on steel alloys and cast iron. Because of higher melting point temperature, it is impossible to compound with steels, in this regard the molybdenum element is compound with iron then formed ferromolybdenum. Ferro molybdenum oxide is used in alloy production in particular steel sheet production, stable greases with higher temperature. Ferro molybdenum is also used in strength of metals, for printing inks, resins and ceramics, catalyze, solid lubricant, manufacturing missile, a... ...Read More>>

Molybdenum Crucible, Just Like A Box or A Barrel

Molybdenum crucible is one product of molybdenum. It may be cylindrical, square and irregular. It is Just Like a box or a barrel and its surface has ground, polished and blank. Most molybdenum crucible is produced by sintering pure molybdenum. The reason to use pure molybdenum as raw material is to prevent other metals melting in the molybdenum crucible from mingling impurities. According to different processed, there are machining molybdenum crucible, stamping molybdenum crucible, riveting molybdenum crucible and welding molybdenum crucible. [caption id="attachment_894" align="aligncenter" wi... ...Read More>>