Had better in Time!

Well, 15 days’ delivery time for 20,000 pieces of carbide balls is really a challenge for us presently, cuz we still have so many other products under manufacturing. But anyway, there are still one week left, so we had better in time… [caption id="attachment_1573" align="aligncenter" width="300"] polished-tungsten-carbide-ball[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1568" align="aligncenter" width="300"] blank-tungsten-carbide-ball[/caption] God bless me… ... ...Read More>>

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Biz!

Jesus! We finally got our tungsten carbide nozzles finished. Do you know tungsten carbide nozzles? Well, you may not be familiar with it, but you’ll do if I told U that these nozzles are widely used in sandblasting and spray-painting equipments. As you know, nozzles can be made of various materials, such as ceramics, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide and CBN, etc. However, tungsten carbide nozzles have the longest life-span among them, for it resist corrosion well and tungsten carbide material is rather durable. Tungsten carbide nozzle is one of China tungsten’s major products, how... ...Read More>>

Tungsten Carbide Wheel Slot Cutter Tree in China Tungsten

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”——P. B. Shelley “If winter comes, will X-mas be far behind?”——Yuri Lee Bet you guys must have been freezing these days huh? Winter did come, and Christmas’ coming soon. Today, China tungsteners planted a Chrismas tree in our office and we are all ready to embracing the coming X-mas day! So what about you, you & U?? I can strongly feel the coldness of the winter during the past few days, but not any more for the moment I saw the delicate tree when I step into our office early this morning. It just stand up hau... ...Read More>>

How Much Do U Know About Tungsten Carbide Rings?

When I put forward this topic, what comes to you first? U must be think of those tungsten carbide rings that couples wear on their wedding. Actually NO. Here, I don’t mean the shining tungsten carbide rings that my colleague Miya was selling, instead, I just wanna let U guys know how tungsten carbide rings are applied to sealing fields, in which they become tungsten carbide mechanical sealing rings… China tunsten do provide tungsten carbide rings for mechanical sealing a lot, actually that’s what we R  the most competent for. Tungsten carbide material shows extremely ... ...Read More>>

Just More Than U Can Imagine..

Among all of my tungsten carbide products, the balls are the very ones that make me feel headachy. Nothing special, just as it is really a pain-taking project to carry out the inspection, esp. counting the amount, cuz you’ll have just one feeling that, it’s a dazzling ball world.. Well but, what could I say! God knows why China tungsten has so many tungsten carbide balls of plenty sizes, just more than that you can imagine and you will need. Tungsten carbide balls are really a all-mighty products. U see, they can be applied to precesion bearings, ball-pens, sealing valve and other ... ...Read More>>

Happy Valentine’s Day, China Tungstener!

Early this morning, Hanns sent all the China tungsteners an e-mail about his wishes on valentine’s day. Here the same to U, Sir~ ∩_∩ Chinese Valentine’s Day also called Qiqiao Jie. I always thought Chinese are rather romantic, cuz they endowed many ordinary days with quite beautiful myths, thus to express their aspirations of bright future and happy life. Valentine’s day is not an exception, it carries Chinese good wishes towards love. Even yesterday, when I walked down the streets, there were quite a lot of flowers being sold here and there, what a romantic scenery huh! ... ...Read More>>

Indonesian’s Tungsten Carbide Blades

Well, I’ve spent most of the past few days in Chinatungsten’s inspection room, so sorry for my absence from our funny blog-zone, guys.∩_∩ Now my brain is in a total chaos, cuz I have dealt with several different tungsten carbide products, which includes tungsten carbide blades, tungsten carbide rods and tungsten carbide rings, etc. When I was testing the specifications of tungsten carbide blades, Hanns came in, and asked me where were those blades sent for. That was the regular question, so every time I would firstly ask Ashley for details and prepare for it beforehand[/snigger... ...Read More>>