Happy Valentine’s Day, China Tungstener!

Early this morning, Hanns sent all the China tungsteners an e-mail about his wishes on valentine’s day. Here the same to U, Sir~ ∩_∩

Chinese Valentine’s Day also called Qiqiao Jie. I always thought Chinese are rather romantic, cuz they endowed many ordinary days with quite beautiful myths, thus to express their aspirations of bright future and happy life. Valentine’s day is not an exception, it carries Chinese good wishes towards love. Even yesterday, when I walked down the streets, there were quite a lot of flowers being sold here and there, what a romantic scenery huh! Also, some men who were in a relationship would like to propose a marriage to his girlfriend in the special date. Then it occurred to me that maybe some of them are proposing with our tungsten carbide rings. Hah ha~ I’m not just kidding, tungsten carbide rings are increasingly popular among young people, for they R quite shining and more endurable, just like the love between the couples.

tungsten carbide ring-1
tungsten carbide ring-2 Black Tungsten Carbide Ring, COOL!

After I deal with all those tungsten carbide stuff, I’ll hang out with some of my friends and have fun for the rest of the day. As for my office-mate, do not work overtime tonight, there’s no limit in your tungsten alloy, WO3 or molybdenum alloy business, so, just spend a good time with Ur BF.

tungsten carbide ring-3“How I wish to hold Ur hands tight and grow old”