Happy Lunar New Year 2017

China Lunar New Year: 1. New Couplets and Lanterns 2. Foods Preparation Dumplings with coin into. Noodles Others, such as fishes, all with good wishes. 3. Getting Together 4. Wearing New Dresses 5. Wish a Happy New Year 6. Red Envelopes 7. Firecrackers Surely, the custom is different from each province, city or county, but with a same wish of new start and best wishes in 2017. Long holiday is also a custom for all Chinese to get together. Chinatungsten staff will be off duty from Jan. 26 to Feb. 3. Any question during the holdiay, please leave a message by email of sales@chinatungste.... ...Read More>>

“互联网+”时代 厦门市财政局创新财政服务模式

厦门市财政局紧跟“互联网+”时代发展新趋势,大力拓展网上应用,积极推进信息公开及服务移动化、财政收支业务电子化,创新财政服务模式,切实提高财政服务质量与实效。 一是实现财政信息公开及服务移动化。提供指尖上的财政信息服务,推出财政手机版网站和手机APP应用,整合新闻资讯和财政服务,向移动端用户全面提供新闻频道、信息公开、会计之窗、财政专题、互动平台等服务,与厦门财政门户网站信息实时同步更新,手机用户访问财... ...Read More>>