Tungsten Filaments for Electron Beam Gun & Evaporator

Tungsten Filaments for Electron Beam Guns and Electron Beam Evaporators  is one of our important pure tungsten products for electronic industrial except tungsten filaments for lighting industrial and LED.

e-flux electron beam evaporator with all options

(Tungsten Electron Beam Evaporator & Tungsten Filaments)

Where to buy tungsten filaments for electron beam guns

Ms. Yu, who i called her Ms Tungsten last time,  Ms. Lee and our guys Zhang, Chen work over time last night for testing the tungsten filaments and give an exam before shipment, for the sake of getting the aireplane next Monday, they have to move the process fast and make it done by the end of this week.

It’s realy a hard work for them to get ready on Monday for delivery to the shipper early, the filaments and the documents.