What the Hell is That?!!

It is a nice day, isn’t it?! At least it was for the rest of Chinatungsten stuff except our poor Sarah.  MOLYBDENUM ELECTRODES 4 GLASSES INDUSTRY, DIA. 50MM X 1300MM Early this morning, Sarah received an express, which was really a huge thing. My first impression is: Oh My God, what the hell is that?!! This THING was well packaged in a wood-box. What puts our cutey Sarah in a dilemma is its size and weight. The box weighs over 250 Kgs and more than 1m long, for which they even couldn’t put it in the elevator. Afterwards, I learned that the so called THING is one of Chinatun... ...Read More>>

Chinatungsten’s First Trial of Study Group

  Why TUNGSTEN is the key word of the homepage of www.chinatungsten.com! Key, means very important things and keyword means the most  important  word for a web page in which is introduced! just like tungsten is set as keyword for the page of chinatungsten.com. This was what we talked last Saturday! We held our first activity of Chinatungsten’s study group following my suggestion. Our topic was about sharing techniques in choosing keywords for the applications in website-edition and tungsten-news release. Everyone exchanged their feelings and experience about their previous working... ...Read More>>

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Export License 4 Dual-use Items and Technologies of PRC

For the sake of our tungsten and molybdenum parts and fittings’ export, Ms Lin come to the commercial department of Xiamen for the application of the export license for dual-use items and technologies of China. As we know, most of tugnsten and molybdenum parts, especialy nickle powder, tungsten powder and  high quality tungsten alloy  parts alwasy be used as military and defence industry,  so we have to apply the license for all of these items, the reason in the form of the application we given was Tungsten Parts for Missles”. Hope everything fine and all these documents withou... ...Read More>>

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