Chinatungsten’s First Trial of Study Group


Why TUNGSTEN is the key word of the homepage of!

103592.gifKey, means very important things and keyword means the most  important  word for a web page in which is introduced! just like tungsten is set as keyword for the page of This was what we talked last Saturday!

We held our first activity of Chinatungsten’s study group following my suggestion. Our topic was about sharing techniques in choosing keywords for the applications in website-edition and tungsten-news release. Everyone exchanged their feelings and experience about their previous working with each other. During my stay in Chinatungsten Online, I have learned quite a lot, both knowledge on tungsten and international trade online, Chinatungsten do provide us with an excellent platform to learn and work.  In th pas month, I have learnt that we should put suitable keyword(s) for our web pages when we create our oue site, for examples, we should set the keyword s as tugnsten and tungsten alloy, tungsten carbide for our homepage of the site, and set the tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide rods as keywords for the page which intrduces tungsten carbide products accordingly.

As the orginizer, I have to confess that I didn’t prepare well enough, but I firmly believe that, after summarizing from our activities, we can do better. Thanks to Hanns and all the participants for their attendance and valuable ideas.