Mothers’ Day in China Tungsten

I left the little village of  Shandong, my home town for Xiamen so many years! As I was a boy, I do not know what’s the meaning of Mother just food and clothing As I was a young guy, I know nothing about Mother but I just know the woman who waiting me back everyday As I was a man who married , I know Mother  is the old woman who had been the grandmother of my boy Now, a man who am I have been not so young, I know the woman who lives in my home town has no more time to wait!   Mother means food and clothing, mother means menmory, mother means responsibility and Mother means everyt... ...Read More>>

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康乃馨,大部分代表了爱,魅力和尊敬之情,红色代表了爱和关怀。粉红色康乃馨传说是圣母玛利亚看到耶稣受到苦难留下伤心的泪水,眼泪掉下的地方就长出来康乃馨,因此粉红康乃馨成为了不朽的母爱的象征, 而在法国,康乃馨被视为不祥的花朵。 (盆栽康乃馨) 热情、魅力、使人柔弱的爱、真情、母亲我爱你、温馨的祝福、热爱着你、温馨、慈祥、不求代价的母爱、宽容、母亲之花、浓郁的亲情、女性之爱、亲情思念、清纯的爱慕之情、热恋... ...Read More>>

Tungsten Filaments for Electron Beam Gun & Evaporator

Tungsten Filaments for Electron Beam Guns and Electron Beam Evaporators  is one of our important pure tungsten products for electronic industrial except tungsten filaments for lighting industrial and LED. (Tungsten Electron Beam Evaporator & Tungsten Filaments) Where to buy tungsten filaments for electron beam guns Ms. Yu, who i called her Ms Tungsten last time,  Ms. Lee and our guys Zhang, Chen work over time last night for testing the tungsten filaments and give an exam before shipment, for the sake of getting the aireplane next Monday, they have to move the process fast and make it d... ...Read More>>

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