Molybdenum Comes Foods

The amount of molybdenum in any food depends on how much molybdenum is in the soil. Soil with a good molybdenum content increases the amount in food by a hundredfold. Areas with hard water may have good supplies of molybdenum in their water. Soft water contains next to none. Processed foods contain almost no molybdenum.

Ammonium Molybdate Can Used As Fertilizer

According to Dr. Hnns, molybdenum is found in substantial amounts in the following foods:
whole grains containing the germ, such as oats, buckwheat and wheat germ. Lima beans, lentils, potatoes, green beans, peas and soybeans are good sources. Brewers yeast contains some molybdenum.

Animal sources include liver and organ meats, but these should be eaten sparingly because of toxin concerns.
The human body absorbs about 85 percent of the molybdenum available from green leafy vegetables, and only about 55 percent from soy foods.