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Welcome to Chinatungsten, my dear friends, molybdenum heaters.
Aha~ do you know molybdenum heater? What is Mo heater? What properties do molybdenum heater has? How to produce Mo heater? What is molybdenum heater used for? How many kinds does molybdenum heater has? Let me tell you the answers for you.

What is molybdenum heater?
Molybdenum heater is made of molybdenum (Mo), whose purity can approach 99.9% or more, it is according to the customers’ requirements.

What properties do molybdenum heater has?
As it is made of molybdenum so molybdenum heater has the excellent properties which are same as Mo shown in the following:
Melting point of 2 620 °C (4 748 °F);
Outstanding creep resistance;
High dimensional stability;
Excellent corrosion resistance;
High purity and temperature resistant;
Good electrical and thermal conductivity and high-temperature tensile strength;

Different Kinds Molybdenum Heaters

Different Kinds Molybdenum Heaters

Molybdenum Heater's Drawing

Molybdenum Heater’s Drawing

Molybdenum Heater

Molybdenum Heater

How to produce Mo heater?
The regular preparation of molybdenum heater is powder metallurgy. First, put the molybdenum powder doped at 160 ~ 200MPa pressure isostatic pressed into rods;
Second then sintered at high temperature, and finally through the swaging and drawing, made ​​into molybdenum wire;
At last, whirling the wire into different shapes according to the drawing of molybdenum heater.
Well, the production of Mo heater is finished.

How many kinds does molybdenum heater has?
There are many kinds in Mo heater which is divided by its shape and purity, and there are no firm shapes. We provide the molybdenum filament according to the drawings required by customers.

What is molybdenum heater used for?
From its name of HEATER, we can easy know that its main application is to play the role of heating which can be used in high temperature up to 2500℃.

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