Right Here Waiting For Payment

During my being in charge of tungsten carbide biz for the past half year in China tungsten, do U know what is the very thing that drives me crazy most?? Maybe you’ll say it must be the various design of tungsten carbide products, or trying to figure out how to exploit more clients? The answer is No, and Not really!

China tungsten has our professional engineers standing by for designing various tungsten products for customers specific applications, and they can also analyze any types of drawings (provided by clients) for complicate products, quite comprehensively; and as for the exploit of clients, I definitely should be proud of our thousands of web-pages introducing our products and service, and these are where most of our clients got to know and contact us, therefore, do you guys think I’m kidding that we often busy replying to clients’ emails from day and night?

Ok,despite the for above facts, so the answer shold be exactly waiting for payment they transferred with the incomplete beneficiary’s name (which should be CHINATUNGSTEN ONLINE (XIEMEN)MANU. & SALES CORP.)  I totally have no idea what to say to our manufacturing department who has been ready for the production of tungsten carbide dies since last monday, and the payment still didn’t reach us successfully. But, all we can do now is just waiting and waiting for the correction.