Another B-day for All China Tungsteners

It feels like having another birthday. Well, what makes the difference is that It’s a big B-day for all China tungsteners, except poor Hanns.

I love surprises, and bet you guys do as well. So it’s not difficult for U to imagine how I feel, OK, we feel when find delicate bags laying silently on the desks. Unprecedentedly, this morning I got to China tungsten earlier than ever before, and saw a gift-like bag right on my seat. They were the belated presents for our passed X-mas from Hanns, and even X-mas has gone, the presents are still quite lovely. Everyone got an unique scarf, and it was so faminine that I believed it must be selected by an elegant and visonary female. However, wrong guess again, for all those scarfs are selectly by Hanns personally, so isn’t it incredible for such a guy who dealt with various tungsten metal things for those years to buy such gentle gifts? How lovely!!

It was early enough for me to  witness how others felt surprising when gifts are confirmed. And U know what, I would have taken dozens of shoots on their surprising faces and, big smiles, which brought us the whole day happiness. Finally, billion thx for Hanns’ kindness, and for your sweeeeet X-mas gift. ∩_∩