China Tungsten’s National Holiday Notice!

[caption id="attachment_1709" align="alignright" width="203"] CTOMS-National-Flags[/caption] Well, actually I have been too excited to sit in the office quitely since last sunday, for our 7-days’ National Holiday (Oct.1st~Oct.7th) is coming. And we will be back to office on Oct.8th, so how are U guys going to spend your holidays? As a tradition of China tungsten, at the National days of every year, we will organize some volunteers to provide free National Flag to passers-by in Zhongshan Road, Xiamen. Obviously the National Days should be the most cheerful holiday every year, and we just ... ...Read More>>

Another B-day for All China Tungsteners

It feels like having another birthday. Well, what makes the difference is that It’s a big B-day for all China tungsteners, except poor Hanns. I love surprises, and bet you guys do as well. So it’s not difficult for U to imagine how I feel, OK, we feel when find delicate bags laying silently on the desks. Unprecedentedly, this morning I got to China tungsten earlier than ever before, and saw a gift-like bag right on my seat. They were the belated presents for our passed X-mas from Hanns, and even X-mas has gone, the presents are still quite lovely. Everyone got an unique scarf, and... ...Read More>>

China Tungsten’s Contract Law Training

Well, this Saturday’s another weekday! But it’s not our normal schedule, cuz we just went for the yearly Contract Law training in China tungsten. As a Chinese citizen, frankly speaking, I’m not so familiar with all of our present laws; but, just as Hanns said, Laws exist everywhere and everymoment in our life, from birth to death and day to night. As a foreign trader, now I find it not only important to learn more professional knowledge about tungsten carbide to better offering our service, but also significantly to be well-equipped with the awareness of Contract Law to make... ...Read More>>

“Chinatunsten Online (Xiamen) Manu. & Sales Corp.”

Well, I totally have no idea why there were so many transactions in which our customers made mistakes when transferring the payment to us in recent days. Actually, all the unsuccessful payment are all because of a tiny mistake in the beneficiary’s name, which should be “Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manu. & Sales Corp.”. However, one of our customers forward the payment after he place the order on our tungsten carbide ball with the receiver’s name of “Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manu.”, so the payment cannot be recruited into our account. Besides, one... ...Read More>>

Little Visitors in China Tungsten

Yesterday, Chinatungsten Online had a group of junior high school graduates coming for a visit as the activity of their English tutoring class. That was quite significant for those graduates, I believe. Cuz they have the chance of learning the corporate culture and thus get a general impression towards a E-commerce corporate, just like China tungsten. Maybe some of them will do this biz in the future. Choosing China tungsten as the stage for their summer social activity always has some reasons. This time must be for our 16-year history since China tungsten founded in 1997. When they arrived in... ...Read More>>