Little Visitors in China Tungsten

Yesterday, Chinatungsten Online had a group of junior high school graduates coming for a visit as the activity of their English tutoring class. That was quite significant for those graduates, I believe. Cuz they have the chance of learning the corporate culture and thus get a general impression towards a E-commerce corporate, just like China tungsten. Maybe some of them will do this biz in the future. Choosing China tungsten as the stage for their summer social activity always has some reasons. This time must be for our 16-year history since China tungsten founded in 1997.

When they arrived in China tungsten, Emily showed them around with detailed narration. They were atonished by the heaviness of the tungsten alloy and tungsten carbide products. Then they gathered in our meeting-room, having class. Yes! Hanns was the teacher. Hanns was quite admirable, cuz he’s quite acknoledgeable both in our molybdenum and tungsten industry. I bet yesterday was definitely a fruitful day for them, so did I.

Emily's showing aroundEmily’s giving narrations on tungsten alloy

Hann's & little visitors
Hanns' having classHanns’ having English class