Thanksgiving Day – I am always in

Even only one day to experience Thanksgiving, but actually everyday is.

In the morning, messages with “谢谢有你” (Thanks for You Are There) were in. Well, I forgot what the day it was.

When I was learning Western History, Thanksgiving is a day I remember turkeys and families together. When I am older, I understand it as a day that you are better than what you are, or others. Complaining brings dark, but contenting bright. When you are eating a bread, some one hungers; when you are in the bus, some one is still struggling to get in; when it rains, you get an umbrella…you are better than others. Thanks for a bread, a seat, an umbrella, or things you have. Then you are better. Do remember better yourself, better attitude on life.

Noticing what you have is not so easy, and knowing how to do is much harder. Treasure and Do. Never complain and regret what passed.

Always Thanksgiving, always thank for giving from yourself and from some one else. Thanks for Chinatungsten, thanks for my colleagues, thanks for tungsten itself.