Comments on The Belt and Road Initiative

Here are some comments on The Belt and Road Initiative for your reference:
The Belt and Road Initiative is not a modern version of the US Marshall Plan. Although China is promoting a series of bilateral and regional free trade agreements, its objective is not similar to the British Empire’s pre-World War II “Imperial Preference”, and is not to create a world market parallel to that led by the US.
The Initiative will be connected with the Eurasian Economic Union. The Initiative, linking China to Eurasia and Europe, is not at all only about infrastructure, but also about soft power and advancing the understanding of different people and countries along the two ancient trade routers. It’s not a traditional bilateral system, but a truly regional, multinational, multilateral network and thus, it needs to be designed with precision.
Besides, also the Initiative also brings a new mindset to global economic governance, and will provide opportunities for other developing countries. The most important is the Initiative will help China better address the new normal in economic development.