Work Diary of China Tungsten Onilne-1

Today is the third day since I joined in the big family of China Tungsten (Xiamen) online manufacturing and sales company. As an intern, there are many things waiting for me to learn, appreciate and then master them skillfully. In the following part, I will talk something about the internship experience these days which made me nervous but surprised.

On the one hand, I want to describe my job briefly in my own point of view. As for me, the job as a editor does not seem to be easy, which requires much patience, circumspection and efficiency on the contrary .You are supposed to notice the details while writing the articles in case that you make some rookie mistakes. However, you cannot delay the work by the excuse of paying attention to too many details. You should try your best to give consideration to both circumspection and efficiency. In the process of it, discussing with the professional colleagues frequently and trying varied methods seem to be very important and necessary.

On the other hand, I want to share the valuable and fruitful discuss with the boss this afternoon. In the beginning of the discussion, I present the confusion that I don’t know how to choose and determine the specific writing perspective from the broad topic—Tungsten disulfide (WS2).There is some complex and professional knowledge about the substance WS2,which needs a great deal of searching and reading. The boss listened to me carefully and then made some advice for me. He said that I can consider the famous paradigm”3W1H” (What, Who, When and How) to think of WS2.This is a process of divergent thinking. Cultivating the divergent thinking is an important of cultivating creativity. At the same time, being familiar with the work stuffs is the starting point of the innovation. I am supposed to cultivate myself in these two perspectives, which will turn to be a correct and clever choice in the future. The boss’s suggestions made me gain a sudden enlightenment and provided me an original perspective of thinking. I was appreciated for the boss and I will adjust myself soon to keep up with the other colleagues’ pace.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes but be critical in the thinking of the mistakes, then maybe you will make a faster progress.