Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-7

As usual, we had a regular meeting on the Monday morning. At the meeting, we looked back on the last week’s work, plan the work of this work and discuss the latest international and domestic news with each other. Dr. Hanns gave me some valuable suggestions on the work, which encourages me to do better in the following days. In the face of our work, no matter how difficult or complex it may be, we are supposed to complete it in time. During this process, we cannot regard the unfinished work as have-to-do stuffs. Instead, we should view it as a test of our ability and a challenge of ourselves.... ...Read More>>

Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-6

Today is the tenth day since I became an intern in the company. During these days, I have had more acquaintance with the company and the job I applied for. Retrospectively, first impression of the company was about its clean working environment. Every office room in the company had its particular function. Some members may refer to books in the library while others plan to do some sports in the exercise room. There was nothing extra unnecessary things put on the desk while every document was put in order on the computer. Staring at the green plant on the desk, I forgot the tiresome stuffs and ... ...Read More>>

Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-5

I have met some puzzles during these days of learning in the company. One of the noticeable problems is the processing of images. With the suggestions of Dr. Hanns and the instruction of Yahong and Bingcan, I have made some progress in it successfully. What is my poor processing of images? And how can I improve my processing of images? The images have inappropriate size, which leads to a bad visual effect on the page. Usually, the images are suggested to be 710px:426px, which means more left and right margins and less up and down margins. It helps to make good use of the page space and provide... ...Read More>>

Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-4

It is Monday today that all members of the company participated in the morning regular meeting. At the meeting, Dr. Hanns summarized the work of the previous week and arranged to-be-done stuffs in this week for members. In my view of point, the fixed meeting in the Monday morning is so extremely significant that all of us are supposed to treat it serious. It reminds us of our deficiencies or improvements in the work of the last week, enhances the interactions between all the company members and encourages us to have confidence in our following work. In a word, it is a benign exchange of fresh ... ...Read More>>

Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-3

As usual, I had a discussion with Dr.Hanns in the meeting room today. The whole discussion focused on the topic of search engine. If I can appreciate and absorb the content of meeting today, maybe I will have a correct and efficient usage of search engine and then have more fresh ideas of my writing’s improvement and the articles’ polishment. What’s search engine? It’s a retrieval technology that accesses the varied information from the Internet according to the users’ demands, which helps the users catch the required information fast, have a deepen information mining and then gain a... ...Read More>>

Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-2

There is a noticeable saying that the gold glitters forever. Examining the saying, you will discover that the precondition of the shining is the real value hidden in the gold. Today, during the communication with Dr. Hanns, I had some fresh thinking on it. Find the self-worth Dr. Hanns led me to notice the various people making their own living in the society. Why they can be successful in gaining wealth? Maybe they have excellent ability, they are extremely hard-working or maybe they are born geniuses…The answers come into a conclusion that you must have your own unique strengths which help... ...Read More>>

Work Diary of China Tungsten Onilne-1

Today is the third day since I joined in the big family of China Tungsten (Xiamen) online manufacturing and sales company. As an intern, there are many things waiting for me to learn, appreciate and then master them skillfully. In the following part, I will talk something about the internship experience these days which made me nervous but surprised. On the one hand, I want to describe my job briefly in my own point of view. As for me, the job as a editor does not seem to be easy, which requires much patience, circumspection and efficiency on the contrary .You are supposed to notice the detail... ...Read More>>