Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-4

It is Monday today that all members of the company participated in the morning regular meeting. At the meeting, Dr. Hanns summarized the work of the previous week and arranged to-be-done stuffs in this week for members. In my view of point, the fixed meeting in the Monday morning is so extremely significant that all of us are supposed to treat it serious. It reminds us of our deficiencies or improvements in the work of the last week, enhances the interactions between all the company members and encourages us to have confidence in our following work. In a word, it is a benign exchange of fresh information, various opinions, abundant emotions and even the substantial divergences that worth everyone’s maximum participation.

An interesting meaningful question was raised by Dr. Hanns. The question is “Is there any news recently? And is it good news or bad news?” The former question refers to the latest international or domestic affairs. If we don’t take the initiative to pay attention to the relevant news, we may have nothing to say. As for the subsequent latter question, it expects more from us that we are supposed to have a basic judgment of the news according to our reading and understanding.

A piece of latest news is that the U.S. government announced a 10 percent tariff on about $300 billion in imports from China on August 15, 2019, which greatly escalates the trade war between China and America. Because of this measure, the U.S. demand for Chinese imports has fallen while dollars earned by Chinese exporters has decreased. Beyond all doubt, this is bad news for Chinese. The sustainable development of tariff affairs may ultimately leads to RMB devaluation that influences all aspects of Chinese people’s lives. For example, owing to the overseas business, China Tungsten Online is supposed to take some measures to deal with the current economical situation. Withdrawing money as soon as possible and asking for delays in payment from the corresponding clients become two important choices for the company, which is beneficial to the normal cash flow of the company.

At a glance, the tariff news seems to just be the information between two big countries. However, if we take it into deeper consideration, we will discover that it is closely bond up with all the people in the countries. Inspired by this process of asking and answering, we should realize the importance of following international and domestic affairs. In this way we will foster an international outlook and have a vision of overall situation subtly that help us do better in our work, study and etc.

To be specific, what should we try to do if we are determined to form a habit of keeping a watchful eye on the affairs of our country and among countries? Maybe we can take our efforts in these respects: Firstly, establish the awareness of following international and domestic affairs. The awareness is the indispensable initiator of our actions. Only remembering deeply in our brain will we have the possibility of putting our plans into practice. Secondly, take advantage of all the available tools to search for the news. For instance, search engines and the news apps on our phones are the appropriate choices. Finally, try to have a critical thinking in viewing things. Stop defining you by what you see. As a result, we should dare to question all the time. You are not supposed to believe the one-side statement unless you have seen the various statements and have the abundant proof.