Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-5

I have met some puzzles during these days of learning in the company. One of the noticeable problems is the processing of images. With the suggestions of Dr. Hanns and the instruction of Yahong and Bingcan, I have made some progress in it successfully.

What is my poor processing of images? And how can I improve my processing of images?

The images have inappropriate size, which leads to a bad visual effect on the page. Usually, the images are suggested to be 710px:426px, which means more left and right margins and less up and down margins. It helps to make good use of the page space and provide a nice aesthetic effect while reading the page.

The images are not clear enough. We are supposed to take advantage of different search engines to find some clear images. In addition, we can look up the elements of images while searching. The quality of images reflects the quality of passages and pages to some extent. Only we attach importance to the quality of images at first will we have a high quality of our articles and pages actually.

The images are not creative enough. Change the search engine may help us find more various images. For example, search engine Biying is another good choice. Anything else, we can take the content of images into consideration. For example, if we want to find an image of WS2 lubricating oil, we can have an image showing the adding of oil instead of the product. In this way, something detailed is focused on that makes the image more vivid and interesting.

The above methods refer to the reprocessing based on the original materials. Maybe we can attempt to make an image by ourselves. For instance, we can read some relevant books and take the relevant pictures on it. Or maybe we can visit a factory and take some pictures of the products. In a word, we are not supposed to define ourselves but make full use of the tools we have to create more images.