Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-6

Today is the tenth day since I became an intern in the company. During these days, I have had more acquaintance with the company and the job I applied for.

Retrospectively, first impression of the company was about its clean working environment. Every office room in the company had its particular function. Some members may refer to books in the library while others plan to do some sports in the exercise room. There was nothing extra unnecessary things put on the desk while every document was put in order on the computer. Staring at the green plant on the desk, I forgot the tiresome stuffs and became relaxed.

Dr. Hanns enlightened me to think things in a divergent way and gave me some valuable advice on my growing-up. I were very appreciated for the discussion and the kindness. As for the colleagues, they were enthusiastic to give me a hand when I had some puzzles on my work. They not only corrected my work but also taught me some fresh methods of solving the problems. They were excellent people I desired to learn from. I felt grateful for their patience and kindness.

Introspecting ten days of learning in the company, I have learned something new and met some challenges as well.

I learned to make good use of search engines to collect information. Owing to the new usage of search engines, I could find a variety of and a wide range of information that I needed. Everything else, I started to learn to process images on the PS software. And I attempted to write articles that begin with a small specified point and do not digress from the subject in general. This kind of writing was beneficial to my critical thinking and divergent thinking. There were many other things that I have learned.

As for the challenges during these days, efficiency was the most troublesome one. I must improve my speed in writing and meet the basic requirement of work. In addition, I didn’t have more writing in articles in English. I should break through myself and develop my talent in English.

Overall, I have learned so many things in the company. Though I have met some challenges as well, I will never say “I can’t” and try my best to do well in my work.