Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-7

As usual, we had a regular meeting on the Monday morning. At the meeting, we looked back on the last week’s work, plan the work of this work and discuss the latest international and domestic news with each other.

Dr. Hanns gave me some valuable suggestions on the work, which encourages me to do better in the following days. In the face of our work, no matter how difficult or complex it may be, we are supposed to complete it in time. During this process, we cannot regard the unfinished work as have-to-do stuffs. Instead, we should view it as a test of our ability and a challenge of ourselves. We complete the work to realize our self-worth and to be responsible for our own life. If not, we may have no motivation to make progress and thus have no possibility to break through ourselves. In addition, Dr. Hanns recommend me to read two books. One is a book on SEO tutorial and another is an inspirational pamphlet called A Message to Garcia. I believe these two books will give me some kind of inspiration and I am ready to open the pages of the books.

During the meeting, there were some opinions I agree on as well. The saying “Never too old to learn” reveals the fact that we are always in the process of studying. It is en evitable rule for everyone surviving in the world. A typical example was taken by Dr. Hanns that we even have to learn to use the wheelchair as we get older and have difficulties in walking. Realizing the truth of learning, maybe we are supposed to take the initiative to learn something that we are curious about at our young age lest we have to learn something that we need when we get old. The former of learning involves with an positive attitude of life and a hope of one’s continual improvements. Another impressive opinion is that we should insist on doing some regular affairs unless there is an order of stopping. This is closely connected with our consciousness of work. We must be responsible for our job and put the private emotion aside when we are at work. If not, maybe we are not people asserting “Business is business”.

With these kind advice and opinions that knock me out, I feel energetic to jump into my work being curious about all fresh things in the process. I hope that I can do better in my following days of work.