Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-3

As usual, I had a discussion with Dr.Hanns in the meeting room today. The whole discussion focused on the topic of search engine. If I can appreciate and absorb the content of meeting today, maybe I will have a correct and efficient usage of search engine and then have more fresh ideas of my writing’s improvement and the articles’ polishment.

What’s search engine? It’s a retrieval technology that accesses the varied information from the Internet according to the users’ demands, which helps the users catch the required information fast, have a deepen information mining and then gain a wide range of and a variety of information. Overall, it provides a meaningful service for the users, which makes the people using it keep informed.

How to use search engine? If we want to get the answer of it, we must have a basic knowledge of search engine including the computer algorithm behind it and then browse the user interfaces. By the methods of these, we will know how to use search engine efficiently and flexibly. Now there are some methods of retrieving information through search engine introduced in the following part and an example of tungsten disulfide is along with the introduction.

Input the keywords

The keywords summarize the central content of the required information. For example, if we set “tungsten disulfide” as the keyword. After inputting, the diverse relevant information focused on it appears in front of us. The retrieval information may be something about tungsten disulfide’s chemical and physical properties, tungsten disulfide’s preparation and production, tungsten disulfide’s usage in industry and etc.

Input the keywords in different languages

Provided that we input “tungsten disulfide” and “二硫化钨”, the presented two pages and information may be different to some extent. After it, we can try to translate between two different languages, and if it is possible, correct some parts of the translated article to create a new one at last.

Input the keywords and the document format

While inputting, we can combine the keywords with the document format that we need. For instance, we input “tungsten disulfide doc” to find the information on tungsten disulfide in the format of document. In this way, we aim the required information at a narrower range and there’s more different available information appearing which is useful for our deeper information mining.

Click to enter the different subpages.

Give an example of a widely used search engine Baidu. There are many small page titles at the upper right corner of Baidu homepage including “Baidu news”, “Baidu videos” and so on. If we click on the “Baidu news”, we will enter another page surrounding with the news. Obviously, the information is put in the divergent pages according to the types and the media forms. If we try this way, the process of our search is more targeted.

Observe the prompt information

Put the mouse on the input box and observe the prompt information in the drop-down box. The prompt information is usually in connection with the keyword and provides more writing points on the topic as well as the potential information about the users. Take it into the consideration of my work. I am supposed to write articles at different points on the topic of tungsten disulfide. If I cannot catch the writing point temporarily, I can scan the prompt information, which informs me of the relevant thing people are well concerned about and helps me create some high-hit-rate articles. With the more widely-read articles online, there will be an increasing number of people browsing and following our company.

Reverse the keywords

Reverse the keywords in order to search for the more different information probably. You can try “disulfide tungsten” to replace ”tungsten disulfide”, you will get an absolutely different page, which benefits your search for the information.

The usage of search engine is extremely important in our working and daily life. As for me, in order to search for more useful information in my work, it is necessary for me to try to use search engine flexibly. In addition, in the long run, only we can use it according to changeable conditions can we have a broad looking at outside world, broaden our horizons, form a divergent thinking and cultivate good media literacy at the meantime.