Work Diary of China Tungsten Online-2

There is a noticeable saying that the gold glitters forever. Examining the saying, you will discover that the precondition of the shining is the real value hidden in the gold. Today, during the communication with Dr. Hanns, I had some fresh thinking on it.

Find the self-worth

Dr. Hanns led me to notice the various people making their own living in the society. Why they can be successful in gaining wealth? Maybe they have excellent ability, they are extremely hard-working or maybe they are born geniuses…The answers come into a conclusion that you must have your own unique strengths which help you to afford yourself in the society nowadays. The unique strength, just like the real value hidden in the gold, means the perspective you are best at doing or you are willing to try yourself utmost. For example, the street cleaners have the perseverance to get up earlier, the street venders have the courage to run around without any complaints and the accountants have a good command of the numbers.

In order to find the self-worth, you are supposed to do more practice and do the introspections frequently. Sometimes others’ heartfelt praises can give you some references as well.

Only find the self-worth of yourself will you have a foothold in the society.

Seek the self-orientation

However, there is an interesting phenomenon we can notice that people have different abilities of making money, which depends on their divergent orientations. For example, some people do excellent work and get a higher salary while others do worse in working and seem to be ordinary, though they are at the same occupation in the company. This involves the question that which position you choose to put yourself and if you want to outstand yourself? In the process of the shining of the gold, degree of brightness depends on the time. On the contrary, the pursuit of your self-worth depends on your own willing and choices of orientation. For instance, you can’t count on getting a higher salary  when you are reluctant to making more contributions.

Have a deeper thinking of your own ideals and consider the satisfaction of your life and then seek the self-orientation. However, you are supposed to be responsible for yourself once you have made the choice.

Just like the gold, people have their own worth. However they can’t rely on the external conditions to fulfill their ideals. Instead  they should make it by their own efforts.