A To-be-late Day of China Tungsten

Today’s gonna be a To-be-late-day!

Last night, a heavvvy rain rushed Xiamen, I have been expecting the night-rain for quite a long time because I couldn’t fall asleep in the sticky weather for the past few days. However, what I didn’t expected was how could the rain be so heavy. In the morning, I went to work as early as usual, the rain stopped and the air being fresh, I was in a good mood. But as the bus went, I realized what else the rain resulted in—the traffic jam. When I reached Chinatungsten, there’s many other colleagues being late. Until now, I bet they must be on the way here. Luckily, our E-bussiness departments of tungsten carbides, pure tungsten and tungsten alloys and so on, have begun today’s busy work.