Happy Winter Solstice Festival!-Greeting from Chinatungsten

How time flies, when I telephoned one of my friends today, then was told that now Winter Solstice is coming, yeah, it is Dec. 22 now, and it ought to be Winter Solstice, oughtn’t it?

No wonder I felt so cold today, as we know, Winter Solstice means the cold winter is coming; however, what a pity! I didn’t notice that when I went out this morning and haven’t covered myself enough, right now my figures are almost frozen typing here for the low temperature and chilly day. It is just the beginning of midwinter; I really cannot image how the weather would be in the following winter.

In South China, most of the areas would step into a much colder day; however, in the most areas of North China, usually it snows on this day, Trinidad ice, heavy snow…it is rather wonderful faction North-land scenery. Majority always have a family get-together on that day to sharing the bird-nesting time. Also, there is a traditional habit to having dumpling on this day, it is round and always is sweet, something like the dessert, which is a symbol of reunion, also with the wishes of happiness and health.

Have you helped yourself with the dumpling in such chilly day? Best wishes from Chinatungsten for you a happy Winter Solstice Festival!