How to pick up customers phone call?

Last week we got training about how to right an e-mail and how to make a phone to customers call or pick up a phone from customers, which gave me a lot of benefit. By the way, this month, I readied a book called Applied English for Receptions. In this book it also refers to how to make a phone call with customers. So when I finished the training and also this book, I think it is necessary to make a sum up because it will give us a lot of help in our working life.
Firstly, when you pick up the phone the customer only can hear you voice so you must make you sound polite and pleasant. We should keep that in mind, which no matter what situation you got remind yourselves I cannot have any other emotions. Besides, use normal tone of voice and speak clearly and concisely. What’s more, don’t interrupt other’s taking and taking notes write some key point in you notes in case forget something.
As follow I will introduce some sentence which we can use in our daily working life when you pick a phone call or make a phone call.
1.Pardon? / Excuse me?
2.I’m sorry, I couldn’t follow you
3.Would you like to leave a message?
4.May I have your first name and your last name/telephone number…?
5.Hold on, please. I’ll call her.
6.I see, I will transfer your phone to sb.
7.This is Mary, thank you for your patience.
8.I’ m sorry Mr. Robert is not in the office/on the another line/on business trip, would you like to leave some messages.