Would You Like Something to Drinnnnnnnk?

As a coffeeholic,  I would like to share some common sense about coffee with you.

Coffee, to put it simply, it’s a kind of drink. Its trade volume every year is second to petroleum which is far more popular than tea all over the world.

Coffee is mainly produced in Central Africa, East Africa, Middle East, India, South Asia, Pacific Region, Latin America and Caribbean Region where the weather in these area is the most suitable for the growth of coffee bean.

Some Coffee Tasting Terms:

Flavor[风味],which means the total impression of aroma, acidity, bitter, sweetness and body about coffee.

Acidity[酸度]. It is different from sour or alkalinity which is a peculiarity of coffee to make you full of spirit.

Body[醇度[. It is a feel left on your tongue after tasting. Body can range from bland, plain, medium, thick to smectic.

Aroma [气味]. Aroma means the smell and tasty of coffee after blending. Caramel, Charcoal, Chocolaty, Fruity, Grassy, Malty, Heavy Flavor are often used to describe the aroma of coffee.

Bitter[苦味]. Bitter is a basic gustation which is often felt by the root of tongue. Usually too much coffee bean without enough water would cause bitter.

Bland[清淡]. Coffee grows in low lands is often of bland. Also too much water without enough coffee bean will also result in bland.

Briny[咸味]. If the coffee is overheated, it will cause briny.

Italian Coffee:

【Espresso 意大利咖啡】Espresso means “fast” in Italian. When hot water flows through coffee powder under high pressure, the essence of coffee is extracted, which the finished coffee is of thick, caramel with bitter and of high body artwork.

【Macchiato 玛奇亚朵】Macchiato means “spotted” in Italian. It is a mixed flavor of Espresso and Cappuccino, from which we can enjoy both the smooth and shiny of milk froth and the fragrant of Espresso.

【Cappuccino 卡布基诺】The shape of milk froth of Cappuccino is similar to the cap of Priest in Cappuccino of Catholicism, so people called it Cappuccino. Mix Espresso, milk and milk foam in a certain ratio to reduce the bitter of Espresso, which makes Cappuccino to be more widely accepted.

【Latte 拿铁】Different to Cappuccino, Latte has a more thick taste of milk. Adding a lot of milk and milk foam covers the taste of Espresso, it is more suitable for “fresh man” in coffee tasty.

【Mocha 摩卡】Mocha means “chocolate” in Italian. Café Mocha is the mix of coffee milk and chocolate.

【Frappuccino 法布基诺】It is blended by Espresso, milk and chocolate and shaked by machine to mix the flavor of raw materials together. It is very popular in hot summer.

Manners of Tasting Coffee:

【How to hold the coffee cup】Usually the handle of coffee cup after meals is very small and your finger cannot go through it. Even the handle is big enough for your finger, we often use the thumb and index finger to pinch the handle and then pick it up.

【How to add sugar into coffee】If it is granulated sugar, you can add it with the coffee spoon directly. If it is cube sugar, firstly use the clamp and put it on the saucer, then add it with coffee spoon in case of splashing of coffee if we use the clamp directly.

【How to use coffee spoon】Coffee spoon is used to mix coffee, it should be taken out of the cup when tasting. Never use the spoon to taste coffee or crushing cube sugar in the cup.

【What if the coffee is too hot】You can use the coffee spoon to mix it slightly or let it cool down for a little while. Never blow it with you mouth.

【How to use Saucer】The saucer should be put on the front or right direction of the drinker, the handle of coffee should face to the right. When tasting coffee, you can lift handle of coffee cup with your right hand and hold coffee saucer with your left hand.

Would you like something to drink and which one is your favorite?~