Mooncake Gambling or Lucky Dice Game or BoBing?

Rather than call it Mooncake Gambling or Gambling Cake, I would prefer to calling  it Lucky Dice game or a direct “BOBING” where an English express is necessary. —-This is my first time to give a consideration on the translation of the game played during Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (or Moon Festival). The game named “BoBing” in Chinese pronuncitation  denotes a pleasant game taken part in before/on the Mid-Auntumn Festival usually by a family or a group of related people where they cast dices trying to get the toppest award called “ZhuangYuan”, but m... ...Read More>>


一、XcodeGhost 针对对象: 1.苹果应用开发工具Xcode 2.游戏开发引擎Unity和Cocos2d-x   影响对象: 1.当苹果应用开发者使用带毒的Xcode工作时,编译出的App 都将被注入病毒代码,从而产生众多带毒APP。如:微信、高德地图、网易云音乐、12306、滴滴打车等。 2.当游戏开发者使用带毒的Unity和Cocos2d-x为引擎开发的游戏,开发出的游戏都将被注入病毒代码。如:《崩坏学园》、《纪念碑谷》、《炉石传说》、《神庙逃亡2》等。 二、GhostPush幽灵推 GhostPush病毒... ...Read More>>