Would You Like Something to Drinnnnnnnk?

As a coffeeholic,  I would like to share some common sense about coffee with you. Coffee, to put it simply, it’s a kind of drink. Its trade volume every year is second to petroleum which is far more popular than tea all over the world. Coffee is mainly produced in Central Africa, East Africa, Middle East, India, South Asia, Pacific Region, Latin America and Caribbean Region where the weather in these area is the most suitable for the growth of coffee bean. Some Coffee Tasting Terms: Flavor[风味],which means the total impression of aroma, acidity, bitter, sweetness and body about coffee.... ...Read More>>


管理学这本书其实是一本教材,页数很多,讲的知识也相当多。 看书除了是获得新知识的途径,同时也是将平时在使用的一些原则文字化。工作中,生活上,往往是有着固然规律,我们也往往用这些经验来告诉别人,但是却缺少理论。而看书就是可以发现原来点点滴滴琐事,原则等都是可以找到可以依附的理论的。 管理学便是这样一本书。很多数据支撑的书籍。 还只是看了其中很少的一部分,继续加油看完并记住其中某些点。 –待续– ... ...Read More>>