A Family’s Day with Tungsten

In the early day, our company in order to let us familiar with our product which we can fit into our works quickly then asks us to read a story called A Family’s Day with Tungsten. For some reason I didn’t read until these day. This story was easy to understand and interesting as well. As we know metal tungsten is kind of a boring things but it connect with our daily closely, followed this story not only I can more understand our product. And I also got some information which I didn’t know before, but important to our life.
This story follows by a family’s day.
Firstly, in father’ daily life tungsten and tungsten product appear frequently, for example, father’s mobile phone, incandescent lamp,wires,car component and other field which we can connect with it very close and didn’t realize.
The story then followed with mother’s one daily life, like mother’s favorite sport golf and watch which was made or contain with tungsten or tungsten product.
Want to know more about tungsten or If you has a litter curious about this story, well then read A Family’s Day with Tungsten.