Work Diary of China Tungsten Onilne-1

Today is the third day since I joined in the big family of China Tungsten (Xiamen) online manufacturing and sales company. As an intern, there are many things waiting for me to learn, appreciate and then master them skillfully. In the following part, I will talk something about the internship experience these days which made me nervous but surprised. On the one hand, I want to describe my job briefly in my own point of view. As for me, the job as a editor does not seem to be easy, which requires much patience, circumspection and efficiency on the contrary .You are supposed to notice the detail... ...Read More>>

Three Main Smartphone Apps to Improve Your English

Almost everyone has smartphone, it seems everyone is glad to stay in touch with friends, take pictures of your adventures, find your way when you get lost, read the menu for a new restaurant and, certainly, shopping online. However, have you even known you can also improve your English ability with your smartphone? Here are some very useful Apps we would like to share with you: 1.Doulingo This free App is very popular, millions of people around the world use it to learn new language. It is a great way to build your English vocabulary and practice your grammar by playing fun, fast games. You ca... ...Read More>>

India Increases GST to 18%

Government of India is consolidating its various indirect taxes into one consolidated Goods and Service Tax (GST) effective 1 July 2017. Customers shipping to / from India and who are located outside of India will be liable for a government regulated GST on certain services rendered locally within India. This tax will replace the earlier applied Indian service tax on local services. The application of the India GST will result in a tax of 18 percent* on both import and export service charges including local charges relating to terminal handling and inland haulage charges. This tax will replace... ...Read More>>

Comments on The Belt and Road Initiative

Here are some comments on The Belt and Road Initiative for your reference: The Belt and Road Initiative is not a modern version of the US Marshall Plan. Although China is promoting a series of bilateral and regional free trade agreements, its objective is not similar to the British Empire’s pre-World War II “Imperial Preference”, and is not to create a world market parallel to that led by the US. The Initiative will be connected with the Eurasian Economic Union. The Initiative, linking China to Eurasia and Europe, is not at all only about infrastructure, but also about soft power and adv... ...Read More>>

The Delayed Tungsten Frames

My delayed tungsten frame finally coming…ooh, ooh,,,ooooh… I received the tungsten frames yesterday, which have been delayed for more than 10 days. Yes, they are really in very small size, and will be difficult controlled with the smooth surface. Still remember last time, the tungsten frames i received are in a smaller size almost close to the min. data allowed. However, now I feel so much happy that there is no such problem, as the mould and machining have been both adjusted after my feedback. The only problem right now is the delivery delay, sincerely sorry about that and hope my client ... ...Read More>>

Tungsten Alloy Screw Got Stuck

Hi, everybody, it is the last day in Oct., how time flies. Today, I finally received my tungsten alloy screws, and felt so happy. However, while inspection, I found that there is one piece of tungsten alloy screw had the thread problem, you could see it in the following picture, and the gauge could not go through the screw smoothly, and the tungsten alloy screw got stuck. I had tried several times to try to move the gauge apart from the thread, but all failed. I was so much frustrated, and had no choice but to contact the workshop to rework it. In this way, delivery time may affect, then there... ...Read More>>

China’s Image Promoting

China’s image is steadily improving as the country ranks second in terms of influence in global affairs, just behind the US, according to the latest survey. It reported that China’s global image scoring 6.2 out of 10 points, or 0.3 higher than the previous years. That survey involved 9,500 respondents from 19 G20 member states. Also the survey found that respondents have a positive impression of Chinese as a whole, with most viewing them as hardworking and hospitable. The overseas respondents were positive about China’s future development, with nearly half believing its global influence ... ...Read More>>

Britons’ Referendum Affects Financial Market Greatly

The result for British voters elected to leave the European Union(EU) has been announced today, which will have far-reaching repercussions both domestically and internationally, and immediately plunged the 28-member political and economic union into its worst crisis since it was founded. The vote result was at times bitter and acrimonious. The Leave campaign, headed by former London Mayor Boris Johnson, took 51.9% of the vote to the 48.1% that the Remain campaign, headed by Prime Minister David Cameron. According to British Broadcasting Corporation, 72% of the electorate voted. The result had ... ...Read More>>

Happy Chinese New Year (Spring Festival)

First of all, Happy New Year! And wish all of you have a nice holidays. 2016 Chinese New Year falls on February 8. It is the Year of the Monkey according to Chinese zodiac. It will be a great chance to experience the traditional folk customs! Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, has more than 4,000 years of history. It is the grandest and the most important annual event for Chinese people. Time for Family Reunion Being one of the traditional festivals, it is the time for the whole families to reunite together, which is similar with Christmas Day to the westerners. The Longest Public ... ...Read More>>